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“A book of delightful variety; to enjoy when cold darkness deepens into lengthening night, or sunlight flashes fire off the snow. Truly, a northern winter pleasure.

~Rudy Wiebe

The 40 Below project was created by local writer Jason Lee Norman with the help of a grant from the Edmonton Arts Council. He released the first volume, 40 Below: Edmonton’s Winter Anthology, in November of 2013.

The aim of the project was to collect words, poems, stories, and artwork about and inspired by the city of Edmonton in winter. The idea is that while winter can be harsh at times, our experience with it is also something quite unique. It can also be a time of year that inspires art and people coming together.

The release of the first 40 Below anthology was well-received, and Jason immediately began working on a follow-up, this time inviting residents all across the province of Alberta to submit their creative works to the project. The result is 40 Below Volume 2: Alberta’s Winter Anthology, scheduled for release in November of 2015 and available for pre-order now through the website.

The second volume features work by writers such as Diana Adams, Ali Bryan, Diana Davidson, Kim Fehr, Janice MacDonald, Natalie Meisner, Laurence Miall, Omar Mouallem and Thomas Trofimuk, among many others.



40 Below Sale! This is not a drill!

It is expected to drop to 40 Below zero this weekend in many parts of Alberta. That’s if you include the brutal wind chill. We are obligate by law to have a sale on our books when the temperatures drop this much. This is the perfect time for a last minute... read more


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