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All of the final decisions regarding 40 Below have now been made. All of the people whose pieces were chosen have now been contacted. Congratulations to them and thanks again to everyone who submitted. Here are some interesting numbers and figures regarding 40 Below:

300- Overall submissions of poetry, prose, non-fiction, and visual art.

50- Submissions received on December 31st. The day of the deadline.

43- Degrees Celsius below zero (with the windchill) the temperature got to in Edmonton on January 29th, 2013.

84- Age of the oldest contributor to be featured in 40 Below.

9- Age of the youngest contributor to be featured in 40 Below. 

270- References to “Old Man Winter” in all submissions.

1- Edmonton vampire story.

277- Days until the release of 40 Below.

We will also be featuring some of the visual art we received on this website in the next few weeks.

Thanks again to all those who submitted work to this anthology. This collection will be something Edmonton has never seen before. If you are interested in receiving an advanced copy of 40 Below to review for your blog or website, or have any other media inquiries please contact Jason at