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Hello everybody. It’s time for you to meet the great people that contributed to making 40 Below the fabulous final product that it is. In the next few days we will be revealing the beautiful cover art for 40 Below, as well as giving you all the info you need on where, how, and how many books you should preorder. So without further delay, here is the 40 Below team:

Jannie Edwards
Vernon R. Wishart
Alice Major
Amir Baharun
Audrey Shield
Carla Maj
Carol Mackay
Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail
Danielle Paradis
Diana Davidson
Donia Mounsef
Erika Luckert
Erin Ottosen
Esmeralda Cabral
Gregory Ramshaw
Jan McGregor
Jennifer Quist
Jessica Kluthe
Margaret Almon
Michael Hingston
Rayanne Doucet
Richard Toth
Sam Leah (that’s a fake name. I don’t know who this person is)
Margaret Macpherson
Matt Prins
Thomas Trofimuk
Cliff Therou
Tracy Kolenchuk
Ann Sutherland
Joan Shillington
Matt Inglis
Anna Mioduchowska
Alan Schietzsch
Diana S. Adams
Dolly Dennis
Don Perkins
B. Joanne Underwood
Stuart Thomson
Nicole Moeller
Susan Tokariuk
John Leppard
Michelle Nancy Kennedy
Ky Perraun
Michael Hamm
Myrna Garanis
Shirley Serviss
Brad Kennedy
Maureen Small
Michelle Ward-Kantor
Serena Ward-Kantor
Arabelle Ward-Kantor
Robin Young
Alicia Christianson
Brad Kennedy
Gary Garrison

Ben Murray

and Wendy Davis

Some of these people are your friends and neighbors. Others are internationally famous literary powerhouses. One of these contributors is 9 years old. This is the power of 40 Below. Do with this information what you will. Tell your friends. Spread the word and keep your eyes on the Internets for more information about how you can preorder your very own copy of 40 Below that looks so pretty. Trust me, it’s beautiful. Thank you for your support.