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The “High Street” just off 124th street and 102nd avenue in Edmonton is home to some great independent shops and boutiques. Recently the business owners have had to deal with the added challenges caused by the traffic disruptions and overall chaos from the Groat Road bridge construction. The constant delays have understandably been frustrating for these businesses.

40 Below Volume 1 had such great support and enthusiasm from the people of Edmonton so we’d like to give some of that support back to the people of Edmonton. Currently there are six businesses on the High Street that you will see selling copies of 40 Below Volume 1. We’ve donated those copies to the businesses so that every dollar from books sold will go directly back to the businesses. So if you’re looking to pick up a copy of the first 40 Below or you’re looking for a way to give local business owners on the High Street a little boost, now is a great opportunity to do both of those things. Once again, all the money from any sales (books are $20) will go to these stores where you can currently find 40 Below Volume 1:

Carbon Environmental Boutique

Prettiest Present

Red Ribbon

Carol’s Quality Sweets

Paddy’s International Cheese Market

Elevate Activewear


Pay it forward.