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40 Below will eventually become a book. A real book. A book book! (Pronounced Boo-ck). Books are wonderful things and many people enjoy reading books. My hope is that many people enjoy reading this 40 Below book when it is released. Before it becomes a book, we must have words to put in the book. Every day I receive a submission for this project. The Submittable program I use to organize all of these submissions has a cool feature where it hides any information about who wrote each piece that was sent. So I won’t know if the poem I read last night was by Margaret Atwood (she lived in Edmonton once you know) or a high school student. The next story I read could be from my friend Matt (hi Matt!) or Todd Babiak (ahem) or some kind of sentient story-writing robot just invented by Edmonton scientists. The point is that 40 Below is not a popularity contest. I want only the best work to appear in this book (pronounced Ba-OW-ck).

My advice to you is that if you are a writer you should definitely submit something to this project. Especially if you are a writer who enjoys seeing their words printed in a real, actual, shiny, new, book-smelling book! If you have never before had the pleasure of seeing your words printed in a book then what better place to start than this great collection. Did I mention that all writers who appear in 40 Below will be paid money? Cash money (in the form of a cheque made out to the writer’s name). You will also receive a free copy of the book that you are in. This is the deal of deals!

So, in summation: Picture a book store. Your favourite book store. Now picture a bookshelf and on that bookshelf is one of the best looking books you have ever seen. Now picture yourself taking that book off of the shelf and running your fingers over the cover (we all do it). Now open it up and take a smell. It smells like Christmas morning doesn’t it? I knew it. Now flip to the Table of Contents. Look! It’s your/your friend’s/your favourite writer in the whole wide world’s name! Amazing! Now look at the cover again. What’s the title of this wonderful book?

40 Below