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Diana Adams is an Alberta-based writer with work published in a variety of journals including Boston Review, Drunken Boat, Fogged Clarity, Oranges & Sardines. Hello Ice, her third book of poetry, was published by BlazeVOX Books. Corrupt Press recently published her chapbook CATCH.

Mona Bacon is a writer and librarian from Edmonton, Alberta. Her work has been published in literary journals such as Prairie Fire.

Lindsay Bird’s five poems all come from a larger, in-progress manuscript called Oil Animals, about life in the work camps and mine sites of Fort McMurray. She lives and works in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Ali Bryan is the author of the novel Roost and a personal trainer who grew up in Halifax. Ali lives in Calgary with her husband and three children. When not writing she practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Kat Cameron has been published in several journals, including FreeFall, PRISM international, Prairie Fire, Room. Her collection of poetry Strange Labyrinth will be published by Oolichan Books this fall. She currently teaches English and creative writing at Concordia University College.

Erin Carter was born and raised in Edmonton, is going into her third year at the University of Alberta where she is majoring in English and Creative Writing.

Liza Chatterjee was born on the coldest day of December in Novosibirsk, Russia. She currently makes her home in Edmonton.

Natasha Clark is a formerly-Albertan and formerly-Mormon writer and poet now living in Victoria, BC. Publications include NorthWord literary journal, Fire in the Pasture poetry anthology, and Telling Truths: Storying Motherhood anthology.

Charlotte Cranston is an Edmonton spoken-word artist with a passion for bringing youth and poetry together. She was recently named Edmonton’s Youth Poet Laureate.

Diana Davidson is a writer living in Edmonton. Her debut novel, Pilgrimage was published in 2013 by Brindle & Glass

Jennifer Bowering Delisle is the author of The Bosun Chair, a hybrid of family memoir and prose poetry forthcoming from NeWest Press. She lives in Edmonton.

Elizabeth Derksen is an Edmonton writer (via rural Saskatchewan) and an English student at Grant MacEwan University–obligatory barista job on the side.

Sue Farrell Holler is the author of three books for children — two picture books with Annick Press, and a middle grade novel with Second Story Press of Toronto. She has another middle grade novel forthcoming with Second Story in 2015.

Kim Fehr‘s fiction has been published in the Saranac Review, Descant, Room Magazine, Fieldstone Review, the Nashwaak Review and the Toronto Quarterly. Her novel, The Great Cubicle Escape, will be self-published this year.

Kathy Fisher is a multi-disciplinary artist who believes that winter sports beat the sub-zero blahs.

Gary Garrison is a poet and active member of Edmonton’s writing community. His third non-fiction book, Human on the Inside: Unlocking the Truth of Canada’s Prisons was published in February, 2015

Emily Grieve is originally from Cranbrook, BC. She moved to Lethbridge, Alberta to attend the U of L for a BA in performance piano, and then to Edmonton to pursue an MA at the University of Alberta. She stayed in Edmonton, perhaps because of her love of cold weather, and began working as an accompanist and private piano teacher.

Lori Hahnel has been a resident of Calgary for forty years, she is the author of a novel, Love Minus Zero (Oberon, 2008), and a story collection, Nothing Sacred (Thistledown, 2009), which was shortlisted for an Alberta Literary Award.

Aidan Darnell Hailes grew up north of the Yellowhead and can attest to the veracity of North of the Yellowhead by Captain Tractor. His writing has appeared in Red Fez, paperplates, and a recent short story anthology.

Suzanne Harris is a writer and writing coach, and the founder of Olivewood & Laurel writers’ retreats in Greece. She currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Alison Hughes’ juvenile novel Poser was released in 2013 with Orca Book Publishers, and her next novel is forthcoming with Orca this spring with another juvenile fiction novel scheduled for release in Spring 2015, with Orca and with Fitzhenry & Whiteside.

Angela Kublik is an Edmonton-based writer, librarian, editor, and publisher. Her poetry has appeared in The Prairie Journal, Legacy, FreeFall, and Alberta Encore: People, Places, and Poetry from Legacy Magazine.

John Leppard has experienced winter in all of its majesty and glory, as well as its chronic humbuggery. Like a distant relative whose genes you share, though little else, it occupies our psyches, like the little room in our basements off the furnace room. And there it stays…and stays. John calls Edmonton home.

Janice MacDonald is an Edmonton writer who tends to think of Edmonton summers as the best-kept secret, and Edmonton winters as a particularly rigorous initiation rite. She is the author of The Randy Craig Mysteries.

Carla Maj is a teacher who lives in St. Albert, Alberta.  Her work has appeared in The Brilliance of Night anthology and Room Magazine.

Kim Mannix is a journalist by training, with a poet’s heart. She was born and raised in Saskatoon, spent many years in Ontario and New Brunswick, and is happy to now be back at home on the Prairies.

Naomi McIlwraith lives and works and sometimes freezes in Edmonton, Alberta. She is a Metis poet, and wrote this poem to celebrate all her family and friends, writers and mentors, who have encouraged her in her search for her Aboriginal and Cree ancestry.

Natalie Meisner is a writer from Lockeport, Nova Scotia. She is a wife and mother of two great boys and divides her time between Lockeport, N.S. and Calgary where she is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at Mount Royal University where she teaches creative writing, drama and literature.

Marco Melfi grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. He lives and works in Edmonton. He has poems published in the Stroll of Poets’ Anthology and The Prairie Journal. He has read his poetry at the last five Edmonton Poetry Festivals.

Laurence Miall is a Montreal-based writer that lived in Edmonton from 1989-2007. His first novel, Blind Spot, almost entirely set in Edmonton, was released by NeWest Press in September 2014.

Anna Mioduchowska is the author of two poetry collections, In-Between Season and Some Flowers Do Well in Flowerpots, as well as co-author of Eying the Magpie, she was born in Poland and lives in Edmonton.

Omar Mouallem is a journalist, rapper, and the author of Amazing Cats. He lives in Edmonton and is the editor of The Yards magazine.

Theresa Poirier is a writer and student at Grant MacEwan University.

Amber Scott is an Edmonton writer and has built her career in the roleplaying game industry. Her most recent books include The Worldwound Incursion and Secrets of the Sphinx by Paizo Publishing. Her short story Green Child also appeared in OnSpec Magazine.

Shirley A. Serviss is an Edmonton writer, creative writing instructor and staff literary Artist on the Wards for the Friends of University Hospitals. She has published three poetry collections and her poems and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies.

Zavian Sildra is an Edmonton-based aspiring author and musician and an active member of Edmonton’s local taiko performance group Kita no Taiko.

Matthew Stepanic is the editor of Glass Buffalo literary magazine in Edmonton.

Thomas Trofimuk is a writer of poetry and fiction. His third book, Waiting for Columbus, was released in August 2009 in the US, Canada, the UK, Serbia, Poland, Brazil, China and Quebec (in translation). He lives (and writes) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Jenn Vandermeer grew up in Edmonton. Her favourite pastimes are baking and daydreaming.

Kristina Vyskocil is a writer and lazy perfectionist living in Edmonton.

Nathan Waddell grew up in Hinton, where he still works, though he lives in Edmonton with his wife and two young daughters. He is a coal miner.

Lucas Warren is a father, husband and sometimes writer living in Edmonton, Alberta. His poems have been previously published in The Antigonish Review, Grain Magazine and Feathertale.

Audrey Whitson has published two books: Teaching Places (Wilfrid Laurier University Press 2003),  and The Glorious Mysteries (Thistledown 2013), a collection of short stories set in Alberta, California, and Mexico.

Jennifer Williamson has reinvented herself many times – archaeologist, teacher, writer/photographer. Archaeology was a blast, teaching not so much. Writing is up there with archaeology. There are many parallels – digging for the ideas, the words, the elation when an artifact emerges.

Nermeen Youssef  was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. She moved to Edmonton five years ago to pursue a PhD in Pharmacology.