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Christmas is almost here! Can you feel the anticipation in your bones? What’s that? You can’t feel your bones because it’s so freaking cold out there? Well, that’s understandable. It’s quite cold out there. I spoke with a girl from Ottawa the other day and this is going to be her first winter here in Edmonton. She doesn’t really mind the cold. She’s most excited about the possibility of a white Christmas. Not just lots of snow on the ground like we already have but also the possibility that it may actually snow on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. That is a magical thought, isn’t it?

Today many people are already off from work and beginning a much deserved Christmas vacation. Some may be visiting family and others may be sticking around here. I hope that everyone enjoys themselves and gets just what they wanted from Santa.

I also want to thank everybody who has submitted something to the 40 Below Project. The submissions queue is really filling up. We are now well into triple digits for stories, poems, artwork and other writings. Some of you may think that that is plenty of submissions already but I want more. There’s still ten days to go until the submission deadline. In the last couple weeks we have received some of the strongest work to date. Really exciting and moving stories and words that tell me that this anthology will be a force of nature in itself. There will be something in it for everybody. It’s going to be great.

Once again, there is still time to submit something to the project. Now that there is no work for a couple days and your evenings are a bit more relaxing, perhaps you will take the time to sit at your laptop or writing desk with a hot beverage and look out the window and let Christmas in Edmonton inspire the words to flow effortlessly out of you.

With every new snowflake that falls on our city there is a new story to be told. Whether you tell that story through poetry or prose, paintings or photos- we want to see them in the 40 Below Project.

Have a great Christmas break. Thanks again to all those who have submitted already and thanks to those who are still working on something to send to us before December 31st, 2012. I can’t wait to send out the good news to the writers out there whose works have been accepted. I hope you’re one of them.

Merry Christmas Edmonton.