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Thanks to Laurie Callsen at Metro Edmonton for her article about Jason and the 40 Below Project. Here are some highlights:

In Edmonton, there’s little else that can illicit fear, groans and even tears from residents like the ‘W’ word.


But it’s a fact of life in the city, and one that local author Jason Lee Norman says people need to start enjoying again.


Norman hopes to collect at least 40 pieces to showcase the best things about living in a winter city and self-publish the anthology in November 2013.

“Winter, it’s no surprise. I think a lot of people who do complain would like something else to do other than complain. The city is working hard on solving a lot of those problems [through the Winter Strategy] and the project is something that I can do. I can get writers together, I can get artists together and create a gift for the city, a love letter to the city,” he said.