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The term “throw down the gauntlet” comes to mind at this point in our call for submissions process at the 40 Below Project. If you have a story or a poem in you, there is no reason not to submit it to this project. Some people out there are still a little confused at our selection process. Allow me to make things more clear. If it is good, it gets in. Whether you are a published author or whether this is the first thing you’ve ever written, the important thing is that only the best work will be included in the 40 Below Project. The works should be about or inspired in some way by the winter months in Edmonton. Whether you have lived in Edmonton all your life or spent a month inside West Edmonton Mall and then moved back to Pittsburgh, it doesn’t matter. We are looking for stories inspired by Edmonton winters or about Edmonton winters. Where you currently reside is not as important as how good your piece is.

When your story or poem or essay is accepted to the 40 Below Project it may be your first ever published piece or one in a long list of credits to your name. This project is for amateurs and professionals alike. We are all inspired by Edmonton in our own ways.

So if you are on the fence about whether or not to send something our way, get off that fence and send it. If it needs a little polish then polish it up and then send it. If you are a Giller winner: send it. If you work at a laundromat on Whyte ave: send it. Whether you’ve published a dozen novels or haven’t even read a novel- send your piece to the 40 Below Project. Whether your name is Paula or Todd or Adam or Elizabeth or Lynn or Marina or Omar or Jessica or Jeremy or Ryan or Joceyln or Marty- send something. Whoever you are, you have a unique perspective and a unique voice that needs to be shared.

We receive a new submission every day and each one goes towards ensuring that the quality of this anthology is high. Our deadline is December 31st. There is still plenty of time to get your piece in. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to